1. Beyond the Lifeboat.pdf

  2. Most of adult ESOL focuses on teaching basic life skills to beginning and intermediate level learners yet students need are more varied. This paper discusses needed approaches to teaching civics, and citizenship and workforce education.

  3. Bringing Literacy to Life.pdf

  4. A handbook for teachers for teaching adult ESL literacy with a from theory to practice perspective. The chapters on curriculum orientations and native language literacy may be of special interest since nothing much has changed in these fields.

  5. Capturing What Counts.pdf

  6. A chapter in Adult Biliteracy (ed. KM Rivera and A Huerta Macias) that examines approaches to assessment (including community assessments) that go beyond standardized testing. It suggests that literacy assessments should take both the native language and the target language into account

  7. From Survival to Thriving.pdf

  8. This paper argues for an end to a One Size Fits All approach to adult ESOL It argues for a system that differentiates services for students based on students educational backgrounds on the one hand and short and long term goals on the other.  Different subgroups of learners are described.

  9. Identifying Promising Literacy Interventions (draft).pdf

  10. A literacy review written for the Department of Education c0-authored with Larry Condelli

  11. Real World Research.pdf

  12. A paper co-presented with Larry Condelli in Loughborough, England. The paper suggest ways in which qualitative and quantitative research can be combined to reflect program practices in the field and guide policy,

  13. Research in Action.pdf

  14. An article that briefly reviews the iterature on professional development and describes a successful PD efforts designed to have teachers and learners integrate technology into the classroom through project-based learning.

  15. We are the world  - Family Literacy.pdf

  16. A longish chapter for the Handbook on Family Literacy that examines different approaches to family literacy for language minority adults.  Promising practices from the field are used to illustrate different curriculum orientations.

  17. What Works in Adult ESL Literacy.pdf

  18. A chapter in Tracking Adult Literacy and Numeracy Skills, this chapter, co-written with Larry Condelli reports the findings of a key national study on ESL Literacy.  Examples from the field are included.

  19. What Works in Adult ESL - FOB interview.pdf

  20. A short interview with Focus on Basics that discusses the findings from the What Works study emphasizing that the judicious and strategic use of the native language in the ESL classroom can have positive effects on English learning for beginning level ESL students.


  1. ESL by Design - Scenarios.ppt

  2. Slide introduction on how to use scenarios adapting the ESL by Design lesson flow. The following two scenarios are full ready to teach lessons that take students from hear a scenario presented to interactive problem-solving activities and literacy lessons that focus on how English works.

  3. Strategy - Using Problem Scenarios.doc

  4. Strategy - Using Role Plays.doc

  5. How to use Role Plays to build communication skills and encourage spontaneous speech.

  6. How to use Problem-Solving Scenarios that builds thinking skills as well as literacy and communication skills.

  7. Scenario -Too many Demands  - Multiple Demands.doc

  8. How to use Role Plays to build communication skills and encourage spontaneous speech.

  9. Scenario - The Missing Utility Knife.doc

  10. Set of materials to be used along with the PowerPoint for the Missing Utility Knife, a scenario about a common work situation.

  11. Scenario - The Missing Utility Knife.ppt

  12. PowerPoint presentation of the Missing Utility Knife.

  13. Scenario - The Friendly Security Guard.doc

  14. Set of materials to be used along with the PowerPoint for The Friendly Security Guard, a scenario about an inappropriate security guard who hopes to bargain a date for assistance.

  15. Scenario - The Friendly Security Guard.ppt

  16. PowerPoint presentation that presents the scenario of The Friendly Security Guard.

  17. Family in Mexico with kids who are US citizens.doc

  18. A short reading for high beginners based on a true story. It’s designed to get students reading, talking and focusing on the topic, the problem and details. It can be the starting point for more structured scenarios that ask students to to identify the central problem and then discuss what people in the story have.

  19. Scenarios for Civics.doc

  20. Five short scenarios related to common situations in which students much make a choice and discuss what is happening, choices that could be made, and why.

  21. My name is Angelina Mango - fictional character.doc

  22. Activity introduces students to structured Role Play. Students take on a character they make up, then hold a conversation with a partner, making “small talk.”

Presentation PowerPoints

  1. NCFL What Works for Family Literacy (web).pptx

  2. A presentation conducted at the annual conference for the National Center for Family Literacy in San Antonio, Texas. It summarizes research and practice in working with working with language minority adults and their families. Multimedia elements (audio and video) have been removed from the presentation.

  3. ESOL Transition Academy 02.11.pptx

  4. A presentation used in workshop presentations in Austin, Corpus Christi, and Houston, Texas.